Join our movement of Helping to eradicate poverty by Educating and Employing the underprivileged.

Take the first three steps towards real and tangible social impact on the future of those in need. Think beyond traditional charity or corporate social responsibility activities.

Imagine making a difference in the lives of entire families by employing one empowered individual who will in turn uplift entire communities from poverty to a life of financial security.

For years, these brilliant and talented workers in developing countries have lived in poverty due to limited opportunities for growth and development. With a large number of dependents, they are perpetually stuck in a daily struggle to provide the bare essentials. Due to the limited means their wages allow, their families and children are unable to uplift themselves from poverty.

EduPloyment strives to empower these individuals by teaching them demonstrable English skills which helps these employees become more productive and efficient team members.

Three simple steps to empower and uplift entire families from poverty:

Step 1: Sign up on our website for EduPloyment as an employer and create your company profile

Step 2: Get verified and take the EduPloyment Employer pledge to provide decent work, a safe working environment, and fair compensation

Step 3: 3: Post jobs, interview, and hire online from EduPloyment’s pool of verified empowered individuals and make a difference in someone’s life, today!

Our world-class technology platform will ensure you have access to verified and CEFR benchmarked candidates with insights into each candidate’s personality type to help you select the best candidate for the job. Our programs are based on the latest adaptive education technology leveraging all the benefits of AI and gamification. Your candidates can continue to improve their skills post placement by taking on advanced industry-specific English training.

Benefits for you

The core of EduPloyment’s benefits to employers is to provide a direct mechanism to make a real and tangible social impact, without having to do anything different. This is achieved by not just uplifting the candidate that is hired, but also their family and dependents, plus an additional 5 members of their community. EduPloyment’s platform also reduces the employer’s recruitment costs, hiring risks, improves hiring efficiency and employee loyalty.

Your benefits include:

Access to a large pool of candidates whose English skills and personality types have been pre-assessed so you can hire with confidence

Significant reduction of traditional recruitment fees and overheads of the hiring process Eliminate the middlemen and agents who may not provide you the talent that you need or exploit the candidates

Empowering you as the employer to directly uplift your hired candidate, their family and dependents, plus 5 members of their community

1How does it benefit the Candidates
EduPloyment provides an online social impact platform to sign up, post job offers, interview, and hire candidates. You will get access to a verified pool of candidates. Once shortlisted, they can be invited to a sophisticated video-conference interview, all seamlessly integrated within our platform to help you cost-effectively hire the best available talent. All of our candidates have signed our Candidate pledge to be honest, dedicated, and loyal employees who will continue to improve their skills and use their new income to support the education and empowerment of their dependents.
2How does it benefit the Candidates
Our platform ensures that only fair employers like you can register. Our candidates benefit from our online skill development program that will continue to empower and uplift them for a lifetime. Once hired, our candidates will be able to invite five members of their community to use the EduPloyment platform to get empowered and uplifted. This ripple effect ensures that you, the employer, can have a real and tangible role in uplifting entire communities.
3Do I have to pay for this service?
We at EduPloyment believe that everything of with real value costs something. We have intentionally designed our Employers platform with nominal costs, to help encourage you to hire more. There is a nominal fee of $10 for each job post, against which you can hire multiple candidates. Once you hire an employee, there is a nominal fee of $45 per hired candidate. EduPloyment will pass-on 100% of this fee to the hired candidate in the form of free access to the EduPloyment platform for 5 members of their community for six months.
4How do I conduct interviews?
Reviewing applications, shortlisting candidates and interviewing candidates for a job post will all be done online through our EduPloyment platform.
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