Take the first three steps that will help you transform your life today. We at EduPloyment understand that you’ve worked hard all your life but have not been able to secure financial stability for yourself and your family.

We are here to help you uplift yourself and your family to a better and financially stable life. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection and a will to succeed. We will take care of the rest.

We believe that acquiring good English language skills using our focused training programs can open up a world of better employment opportunities for you, whether at home or abroad. This will enable access to better jobs that provide decent work, safe working environments, and fair pay, helping you secure your future and that of your family.


We all know that for every type of personality, there are jobs which are a better fit than others. Completing EduPloyment’s personality test will help let your potential employer know you better, so they can hire you for the best job. Additionally, as a part of your profile, a 30-second video introduction about you, your likes, dislikes and working style will help employers know you better before they decide to hire you.

Employers who sign up on EduPloyment are a part of our movement to help you transform your life. They have taken a pledge to provide decent work, safe working environments, and fair pay. There are no middlemen or agents involved in EduPloyment. Our platform connects you directly with employers to ensure that are not exposed to anyone who is not committed to your success. Your search for a better life ends here.

EduPloyment – The 3 steps to a better future

Step 1: Download the EduPloyment app and sign up

Step 2: Complete your profile, English proficiency and personality tests

Step 3: Be notified and apply for available jobs which you qualify for and change your life for the better

1What is EduPloyment?
EduPloyment is a movement that will provide you with the skills that will help you change your life for the better. Our technology will help you test and improve you English language skills, and connect you with employers who are looking for candidates like you.
2How will EduPloyment help me?
EduPloyment education modules are designed to help you learn how to communicate effectively in English. Our modules will help you complete interviews successfully and learn communication skills for specific industries, helping to match you with potential employers. EduPloyment will help you to empower others by inviting them to our program and help them change their life.
3Is EduPloyment free? Do I have to pay a fee?
We at EduPloyment believe that anything of real value has a cost. For a small monthly fee of $1.50, we will help you to learn and improve your English and communication skills, and connect with employers.
4Why do I have to take a test? What will the test be about?
EduPloyment needs to assess your skillset before matching you with potential employers. These tests analyse your personality and your proficiency in English.
5What if I do not pass the English test? Will I lose my money?
There is no pass or fail in the test. Our test only analyses your current skill level, so we can adjust the training modules to suit your skill level. This will then help you learn faster and have a better chance of getting hired.
6Will EduPloyment guarantee me a job?
As much as we would love to, EduPloyment cannot guarantee you a job. We are dedicated to help you to continuously improve your skills and connect you with employers who are looking to hire individuals like you.
7Will EduPloyment send me abroad?
Thousands of candidates like you are living in communities with a limited number of jobs in the vicinity. Improving your English skills will also improve your chances of finding a better job at home, whether through our platform or on your own. If the job location is not in your country of residence, your employer will help you with the necessary formalities.
8If I do not get a job, will I get my money back?
EduPloyment cannot guarantee that you will get a job, therefore cannot provide a refund. EduPloyment does guarantee to give you access to education programs, which have been proven to help candidates find better jobs through EduPloyment or on their own.
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