About Us

Born out of the founders’ staunch belief in education as the ultimate form of empowerment, EduPloyment sets out to deliver on its purpose of “Helping to eradicate poverty by educating and employing the underprivileged”.

Anchored by their first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by people from developing economies looking for employment abroad, our founders decided to leverage the power of latest technology platforms and the internet’s reach to empower candidates with critical English language proficiency and direct connectivity to employment opportunities.

Having interviewed a large number of candidates in the course of their entrepreneurial journey, our founders realized that the working poor encounter a very different set of challenges in their search for jobs abroad. These challenges are not due to their lack of skills or will to work, but their inability to showcase their strengths and personalities to potential employers. They experienced this firsthand when some of their most brilliant team members were unable to communicate in English proficiently, making it difficult for them to be understood and hindering their growth. They also learned from them the stories of sacrifice and suffering, and more importantly the positive social impact their employment has had on their families and communities.

How will EduPloyment impact lives?

Good English language skills can open up a world of better employment opportunities for an individual, whether at home or abroad. EduPloyment’s focused training programs help these individuals gain the core skill which will enable access to better jobs that provide decent work, safe working environments, and fair pay which will help them secure their future and that of their family. EduPloyment will also help them to empower others by inviting those in need to the program so they can change their life too.

Our Founders

Mazen M. Omair

Mazen is a seasoned entrepreneur and has held senior management positions in large multinational and regional companies in the USA and the Middle East. An experienced and seasoned leader, Mazen has over 30 years of experience in the IT, F&B and retail sectors.

Dr. Rana A Batterjee

Dr. Rana is a seasoned entrepreneur and an accomplished audiologist with over 20 years of work experience in reputed hospitals and clinic centers in the USA and the Middle East.
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